WEDNESDAY's WORDS from PMM's Roman Marisak on his 'Bloodless and Fragile' Ghost remix

For those who have pre-ordered ‘beauty re-envisioned’ … this hypnotic re-envision of ‘Bloodless and Fragile’ should already be in your possession. The haunting Ghost Mix by Professional Murder Music’s Roman Marisak is one of the bonus tracks from the album, and one of my personal favorites.

“As soon as  ”Bloodless and Fragile” began playing, I knew it was the song I should remix. The dark and moody feel  of this song gets set up right in the intro, from the multiple layers of sound effect guitars, as well as  the catchy sitar melody.  It paints such a vivid picture, it feels like the opening of a great film.  When I began creating my remix, it was obvious that I should  first lay out those guitar tracks, making the perfect backdrop for creating my beats and synth lines. The other major element of the song which I would feature in the remix was it’s excellent vocal performance and melody. For the most part, I kept the original vocal and arrangement intact. I instead went with the approach of rewriting the music and chord progressions, to show the song under a different light.  It was very enjoyable working out a new version of this song and I’m glad I was able to  contribute  to the project.” …Roman Marisak (Professional Music Music / Spacetime)

‘BEAUTY RE-ENVISIONED’ will be released 6/21/19!


Michael Ciravolo