THIS WEEK in the WORLD of BIC 6/8/19

Tick Tick Tick … less than 2 weeks now to the ‘beauty re-envisioned’ release! So thrilled that this day is coming. A lot of amazing artists but in a lot of time, and in my somewhat biased option … did a stellar job. I truly think there will be many mixes out of the 25 that will resonate with everyone! The vinyl version have actually arrived, with the CDs now in route. I am going to to use my persuasive means to try to get 33.3 Music Collective to start shipping to all that have pre-ordered BEFORE the actual release date :)

If you have not yet ordered yours, you can HERE! And remember, this is the only way to get the additional 11 bonus mixes! I know 33.3 is planning to offer some packages with BOTH albums. The best way to stay in the ‘BIC know’ is to sign up HERE. I promise you that you will not get spammed.

Our Wednesday’s Words segment featured popular Goth DJ/Re-Mix Artist KITTY LECTRO. Ms. Lectro talked about how she approved her ‘Man Of Faith’ remix. If you missed it, check it out HERE. Also, here’s a sonic sample of her work …

As MINISTRY invades Europe in June, Michael Rozon and I return to SAINTinLA Studio tomorrow to delve into one of the 2 new songs I have started… keeping us on track for an EP of new Beauty In Chaos before the end of the year!

Also planning out two new videos from ‘Beauty Re-Envisoned’ … and ‘STORM’ will premier this coming week!


Michael Ciravolo