BIC BLOG 6/29/19

As my last day before my birth-birth-calander turns another page, I am reflecting a bit at what we have accomplished since the last ‘turn’. Releasing not one, but two over-full-length albums is something I am very proud of. Working and creating with the extremely talented artists that make of this family has certainly reignited my drive to make music. I am excited for where we can take this entity we call Beauty In Chaos. Last night, my wife Tish and I even talked about BIC 2020 plans, which also included if/how/where a few live shows could happen.

This week in the studio, Michael and I put together the basics of what will be the forth, and probably the final track on a yet untitled EP that we should have released before the end of this year. I really love how the first album builds and climaxes with the title and final track, ‘finding beauty in chaos’. I think we might have found the EP’s closing song this week!

With ‘beauty re-envisioned’ being out for a week now, we certainly have some great things happening.

In addition to playing many BIC tracks, Nick Court and Crossfire Radio ran a week long promotion where listeners post pictures of ‘beauty’, ‘chaos’ or both. Five winners will receive signed copies of the CD and I have high-hopes that we might just find the EP’s cover photo!

I had the opportunity to have a nice discussion with Essentially Pop’s Matt Catchpole, please check it out HERE.

Also, Mark and Sarah of Songs Of Preys are graciously doing not only a 4th Of July ‘BIC Special’, (10pm-12am UK time … mark your calendar!) but also follow-up programs with many members that make up BIC. So far, Ashton Nyte, Evi Vine, Tim Palmer and Wayne Hussey have agreed to partake!



July 4th at 10pm - 12am UK time
Michael Ciravolo