Q: Where do you find your inspiration for the music you create? Is it based on emotion, experiences, places you’ve been, people you meet, or other music you’ve heard? In your process, do you think about your audience? Or is it all an internal process?

A: Wow that’s a mouthful and deep! The inspiration certainly varied throughout the creating ‘finding beauty in chaos’. I certainly had a sound, or more so a ‘feeling’ or ‘mood’ I wanted to convey. The ‘beauty’ .. melodies and textures interjected with sonic bits of ‘chaos’. A lot of writing for BIC emirates from sounds … I’ll plug a guitar into an effect pedal… or a host of pedals and it sort of leads me down a path. Any artist is not being honest if they say they are not influenced by music they have heard. I think we start logging that in our inner-selves from the first song we ever heard. Places certainly evoke a mood, and growing up in New Orleans certainly has had it imprint on me, much more the dark, mysterious side than jazz! People certainly are part of it, and there are a few songs on ‘FBIC’ that I specifically sat down to attempt to create a track that I could hear someone singing over. I guess that’s a bit contrived, but was part of my process. As far as BIC’s audience … I’m certainly not trying to appeal or to be something I’m not. This record is me .. and the audience are people like me I guess :)

Michael Ciravolo