WEDNESDAY's WORDS ... Michael Ciravolo tells how 'Man of Faith' was spark for new LP!

“God’s honest truth.. this is the mix that sparked the idea of ‘beauty re-envisioned’! Tim Palmer has always been one of my favorite producers, and I was fortunate to meet him with Wayne during the mixing of The Mission’s “Another Fall From Grace’. We got on great and over more than a few drinks I asked him if he would mix a few songs. Well he said yes, and sent me two mixes .. this one and ‘The Long Goodbye’. In my excitement to both Tim and Wayne part of BIC, I failed to tell Tim my self-imposed ‘rules’ on this record of no synths and I was going to be the only guitarist. Well, Tim added BOTH in this fantastic mix. No way was I going to ask him to remove. Thus ‘beauty re-envision’ was born!” … Michael Ciravolo (Beauty In Chaos)

Hear a bit of Tim’s Preacher Man Mix of ‘Man Of Faith’ here …


Michael Ciravolo