MONDAY Q&A 6/24/19 - 'beauty re-envisioned' download ?

Q: Hi, I just got my new CD and read that I would also get a digital version with more songs? I am confused how to do this ?

A: Well, first thank you for buying ‘beauty re-envisioned’ ! We really appreciate it You are correct. If you purchase either the CD or Vinyl from our BIC STORE, you will receive the full download version which has eleven (11) additional remixes (25 tracks total). It seems the process is a bit confusing {sort of like the Matrix :) } , but I am told that in your original ‘order confirmation email’ there is a CODE, You need to add the Digital Version (HERE) to your cart, then enter the code at checkout and it will zero the cost out. There are some really great remixes that simply due to space did not go on the CD. You can hear some audio samples HERE.

Please email us at if you can’t find your original email and we will get it resent to you!

Michael Ciravolo