'Beauty Re-Envisioned' Spotlight: 'Storm' (Sine Division Mix) by Raymond John Ross

“I was extremely pleased to say the least, when Kitty Lectro brought the Beauty Re-Envisioned project to my attention, as the entire BIC concept resonates with me in quite a personal way. I was specifically taken with “Storm” as a supporter of The Awakening, especially the mid 90’s live shows, I’ve always been a fan of Ashton Nyte’s vocals and the song, in my view, lends itself well to alternative electronica. The main concept when looking at the track overall, was to expose the project to a different audience and to the dance-floor specifically. My usual go to process when approaching a remix is more of a “rewrite”. I generally scrap everything except the vocals and reconstruct the entire song from the ground up, but in this case a clear conundrum was presented. There was no way Ciravolo’s guitar mastery could possibly be excluded and reintroducing the guitar tracks into the mix brought the entire canvas to life in a way I’d never expected. This is the beauty of Michael Ciravolo’s work, it’s the textures, the layers of colour, as well as the catchy hooks which made this mix an absolute pleasure to create.” … Raymond John Ross (Sine Division/ANKST)


And the storm can wait, wait outside

For another sacrifice

And the storm will rage, rage inside

But there is always a light….


Michael Ciravolo