'Beauty Re-Envisioned' Spotlight: 'Drifting Away' (High Water Mix) by Kevin Kipnis

“When I was given this song to re-imagine it was a total score. David Bowie, John Lennon, Brian Ferry, Robin Zander… all my favorite vocalists in the world, and now I had the opportunity to work with one of them thanks to my dear friend Michael Ciravolo! Betsy Martin, who is my other half in music and life, was also asked to contribute to the song and was elated because she is a huge fan of Robin Zander. Not to mention the added bonus of Michael Anthony,  Ashton Nyte and Marc Danzeisen.. One thing that’s always been behind Robin’s voice is a 12-string bass guitar. So, to make a dream come true for me, I added a 12-string bass to this song. As the remix was progressing, I asked another long-time dear friend Statik to contribute. He added wonderful and melodic keyboard that only furthered this re-envision”

Kevin Kipnis (Purr Machine)

Michael Ciravolo