MONDAY Q&A 6/17/19

Q:  What’s next for Beauty In Chaos ?

A:  Well, this Friday is the release date of ‘beauty re-envisioned’!  It’s been in the works for a while and myself and all involved are thrilled this day is nearly upon us!  Hopefully I will I have the opportunity to talk to the press about this record.  Our ‘Storm’ (Acoustic version) video will be released also over the next few days.  I really love this version and I think the video is hauntingly beautiful.  We also are planning at least two more videos from the new ‘re-envisioned’ album.  If all goes to plan, those will be released in mid-August and mid-September.  Michael Rozon and I are working on new BIC material, which is for a planned EP to be out before the end of the year.  3 tracks are well on their way and I am just talking with some singers to see who these tracks resonate with.  I am really excited about these, and with Ministry on tour now in Europe, we are taking advantage of Michael’s free time, before he goes back to work on the next Ministry record.  I also have my home studio, SAINT2, up and running, which will allow me to not only add overdub textures to these new songs, but also to start developing some new material for 2020!


Michael Ciravolo