MONDAY Q&A 3/25/19

Q: I have seen you post that you will be using keyboards and drum machines on the next record. I am a fan of your guitar paying, seeing you many times with Human Drama. I hope you will play much guitar on next record as it is very glorious on the first CD.

A Well thank you very much for your kind words as I have never heard my playing described as ‘glorious’ before but I quite like that! I don’t foresee any less guitar on the next record, just some touches of synths and samples … probably twisted and contorted thru the same pedals and effects that we use on my guitars. Its just really another color to paint with. As for the drum machines, I am not fully sure how much will make it on the record in the end. Both Michael Rozon and Dirk Doucette are excellent drummers. I have just been writing some ideas at home and do like the stark hypnotic feel and vibe of the machines. There is not worry that this will be a syn-pop record, that I can promise!!!


Michael Ciravolo