BIC BLOG 3/30/19

Pretty great week to say the least… and I apologize in advance for the many ‘links’ attached!

Had an insane 48hour whirlwind trip with my family to my home town of New Orleans.  If taking our daughters for drinks in the French Quarter wasn’t weird (and special) enough, I got a text from my amazing publisit Shauna (Shameless Promotion PR) while on the plane that the Rolling Stone debut that was scheduled for end of April was going to happen now on Thursday.  Surreal that I would now be in the city when this video is released.  If you haven’t seen it, the full video is now up on YouTube HERE.  Lyrically and visually I think you will see the connection. Sometimes stars do line up for a reason. I can’t thank Dug enough for his lyrics that sprung for a semi-drunken conversation (Jägermeister does that) the previous year.  Having Pete, Zakk and Ice -T on the track and then make time to do the video is truly special.  Statik from Collide did an amazing remix too, and as per usual, so did Vicente Cordero of Industrialism Films on the video!

Having ROLLING STONE premiere the video was certainly a first for me.  Ryan Martin also did a great feature on the video with some great and funny quotes by all involved in the amazing JAMMERZINE  Please check that out HERE.

There is also a few questions/answers HERE from Schecter Guitar, as I know a few peeps there 😉 … and ABC NEWS even mentione. it HERE. Crazy.

So this Collide Mix of ‘Un-Natural Disaster’ is certainly one side of the coin as to what ‘beauty re-envisioned’ will be like.  The second video, a beautiful acoustic version of ‘Storm’ will show the other side.  There will be a LOT in-between too.  Tomorrow afternoon we plan to send a Pre-Order special to everyone that has signed up for BIC NEWS and if you have purchased FBIC or merch from our on-line store. Please note if you bought the record from CD Baby, I-Tunes, Amazon, etc ;


It’s as simple as putting your email in.  We will be including a free bonus track download in this email.  As with most things BIC, it blossomed into something bigger than the conception  idea.  While the CD will have fourteen (14) tracks, if you order the record from our BIC STORE, you will get ten (10) additional remixes!  That is a total of 24 re-envisions that will certainly run the gamut!   The record, which will available on CD, digital and an 8-song clear swirl 180g Vinyl, will ship on June 21st.   Purchase of the CD or Vinyl will get you all 24 tracks via digital download too.  We are also hoping to include a BIC ‘fleur’ logo keychain with the first 200 orders.  Looking at it, I think it could also be easily modded to be a necklace. 

As always, thanks for taking the time to ride my wramblings and I am looking forward to working this week on NEW BIC material.   Oh yeah, THE CURE is in the RnR HOF!  F*CK YEAH!



‘beauty re-envisioned’ release date 6/21/19

Michael Ciravolo