BIC BLOG 3/23/19

Sorry to sound redundant here, just more of the same this week. Trying to finalize album/CD art and the roll-out game plan for not only the album, but also our debut video.

We have a possibility for a pretty big ‘premiere’ for our ‘Un-Natural Disaster’ video (finger crossed!), so if this does indeed happen, we will release one of the other bonus tracks along with Pre-Order info really soon.

The best way to be informed is to simply add your email HERE!

Michael and I continued to work on a new BIC track this week … really liking where its going, even if I have to continue to remind myself of the word ‘sparse’ ! Its been a blast to add touches of synth to the track, even though this track has a great bass line and some cool typ-BIC guitar textures.

I also reconnected with a friend from the ‘90s, who I loved his records. Already talking about his possible addition to a BIC track … maybe this new one?

Finally to be clear, I posted a pic of Tish and I with Shirley Manson of Garbage. Make not mistake, she has always been one of my favorite singers, and would LOVE her to be part of BIC, but other than that pic, there is no real contact. You can bet, that I am certainly going to reach out to her thru a few mutual friends.



Michael Ciravolo