STUDIO LOG 8/11/18

Hard to top all of the exciting things that happened last week, but we certainly continue to work our fingers to the quick to get this record ready for release!  Some beautiful words on his BIC involvement from The Awakening's ASHTON NYTE came our way.  Ashton and I continue to work with Director Vincente Cordero from Industrialism Films on the storyboard for the 'STORM' video, which we are planning to film near the end of this month.  

Also, BEAUTY IN CHAOS got its first real press this week from TORCHED MAGAZINE.COM.  A big thank you to Judy Lyon for taking the time and 'getting' what we are doing!!!

We have began making plans to debut a few songs before 9/21 on The Andy Cousin Show.  You might recognize Andy's name as he was the bassist for ALL ABOUT EVE and also spent a few years with Wayne in THE MISSION.  Andy and his lovely lady, Lisa Jane Mires run this brillant internet show and chatroom.  Thrilled that they believe in this record!  More on this as the details are finialized.

I also got some real cool new toys in and in-route from Matt (Roland/Boss), Graig from Recovery Effects and the new dUg Pinnick pedal from Tech 21!   These will be a great building block for BIC3.  Stay tuned.

Well off to the studio to meet Mr. Rozon to continue the process as September 21st is getting closer !!!

Michael Ciravolo