Simply an amazing week as lots of stuff happening in BIC world!

Finished the amazing 'The Long Goodbye'.  Michael outdid himself on this one. Such a beautiful sounding track.  Simply great words and vocals by Wayne.

In another first, we where able to combine two the most recognizable voices in rock n' roll.  As hard as it might be to believe, Cheap Trick's ROBIN ZANDER and Van Halen's MICHAEL ANTHONY  have never been on a song together ... even though their bands have shared the stage multiple times throughout the years.  Michael Anthony kindly drove from the beach to the heat of Sun Valley to add his iconic alto harmonies to 'Drifting Away'.   'In Color' and 'Van Halen 1' are certainly in my record collection ... so this is pretty f'in cool!

Michael and I also got to spend Thursday night with our dear friend TYLER BATES at his Studio City studio.  Tyler kindly took time our of the many film and TV scores his is currently.doing to write a string arrangement for a piano version of 'The Long Goodbye'.  Wayne Hussey sent me a rough piano sketch, which Tyler's amazingly talented daughter Lola replayed for us.  Tyler is going to take this score to his next string scoring session and have it played by a real live orchestra.   This 'reprise' version will be a key track on our follow-up remix 'beauty re-envisioned' release which we hope to have out in Feb-March 2019.  On the topic of this record, we also sent over tracks to of 'Un-Natural Disaster' (featuring dUg Pinnick, Ice T and The Offspring's Pete Parada) to Jay Gordon of Orgy fame to do his re-mix magic on.

Also Ashton Nyte and I are working with director Vincente Cordero of Industrialism Films on a video treatment for 'Storm', which is the planned debut single from 'finding beauty in chaos'.  More info to come on the actual release date.

Mr. Rozon will be it hard later today listening to the full running order of the record and making notes for final pre-matering sonic tweaks !

tick tick tick



Michael Ciravolo