Simply put, it is a joy to be part of Beauty In Chaos. Michael has written some beautiful pieces of music and assembled a wonderful body of artists to help realize his vision. I feel truly blessed to have been included and to have had the opportunity to provide lyrics and vocals to 3 of the songs on this work of art. Above all, I feel blessed to call Michael a friend.

From our first collaboration on “Storm” to the lush and brooding “Bloodless And Fragile”, to the anthemic title track, Finding Beauty In Chaos, I honestly feel that something magical has been created. It also happened so effortlessly, which I believe reflects the quality of Michael’s writing and playing. It has been an absolute pleasure creating these songs with him and of course working with his exceedingly talented producer and creative partner Michael Rozon too. Having heard snippets of some of the other songs on the album I have no doubt that the full album will be a remarkable addition to any alternative music collection. Looking forward to all that lies ahead!

Ashton Nyte


Ash Clowns ed2.jpg

Immediately upon an introduction by our mutual friend Mark Gemini Thwaite, Ashton and I connected on many levels; family, faith and musically.  'Storm' came together so easy and not only set the perfect tone I wanted for this record, but also gave me the confidence that I could make this record really happen.  It is certainly the obvious choice for a debut single.  MC                   

"And the storm can wait, wait outside for another sacrifice.  And the storm will rage, rage inside but there is always a Light ..."                                                                                                   'STORM'                                                                                                                                       BEAUTY IN CHAOS featuring ASHTON NYTE

Michael Ciravolo