MONDAY Q&A 7/23/18

Q:  I would love to ask a question about Beauty In Chaos, without wishing the summer away but I’ve never been so excited about an album release for many years!  I’m fascinated by the process of managing a collaboration such as this; has it meant that that your overall vision of the album has evolved either musically or lyrically with all of the individual inputs so far?  Has anything surprised you?

A:  Well thank you so much for the kind words, that means a lot.  I know I’ve been talking up this record for a year now so I too am really excited about it too … though for parental reasons dreading the end of summer.  I went into this with a few things set in my mind … the ‘name’, the cover art concept and the limitations I placed (mainly on myself) of being the only guitarist and creating all textures and orchestrations without the use of any keyboards or samplers.  Beyond that, BIC has sort of evolved.  Each song sort of came together differently.  Honestly, I didn’t originally plan on it being 14 songs, it just sort of happened.  I always knew I wanted this to be released on vinyl; but I honestly was not thinking of the time constraints that come with a 12”.  As we neared what I thought was the end of the writing process and was listening to the record as a ‘whole’, I did make the conscious decision of adding a couple more ‘upbeat songs’.  I had been listening a bit again to My Bloody Valentine’s simply fantastic ‘Loveless’ album, which certainly influenced a song called ‘Look Up’.  I have said that the recording of the ‘Broken Songs’ album with Human Drama sort of was the spark to light the fire for me to do this record, so I guess ‘Memory Of Love’ was a semi-conscious effort to write a song in the vein of old Human Drama stuff .. big anthem guitar riff, etc..  So other than these 2 songs. I think the record just happened.  Technology certainly made this record possible, as most vocals (and a few drum tracks, and Simon’s bass) were recorded vast distances away.  All lyrics on this record where written by the artists that sang the track.  I gave each a quick concept of what ‘beauty and chaos’ meant to me and why.  Some took at more literal than others, but I do think there is a common thread thought-out, even more so than just my guitars.  Has anything surprised me?  Hummm… I guess just how many amazing artists stepped up to be part of this and really put their hearts and soul into this.  It is WAY beyond someone doing my a ‘favor’, and I think that will be obvious when the record is heard.  I’ve been so close to these songs for so long now, but I’m still really excited by them.  Working with my dear friend Michael Rozon has been amazing and this record would not have been possible without him.  Not to continue to name drop; but you did ask… records by Cheap Trick, The Mission, Ministry and The Cure make up a lot of my record collection … and to have guys from these great bands not only as part of Beauty In Chaos, but also to call friends still is surreal and special.  Hope this answers all



Michael Ciravolo