STUDIO LOG 7/21/18

We are another week closer as now the ‘Sixty Day Countdown’ has started!  We finally put ‘Memory Of Love’ in the mixed column (actually all songs will get compared, contrasted and some final sonic tweaks just prior to mastering).  I was out of town for a few days with some parental-college duties; but Mr. Rozon dug into the busy work of ‘The Long Goodbye’.  I say busy work with the utmost respect as besides his world-class production skills his patience and attention-to-details (sometimes details only he hears 😎) is insane!   Hopefully by end of next Saturday we will be putting this lovely song, co-written with the extremely talented vocalist/lyricist Wayne Hussey, on to the mixed list ... thus completing all 14 songs!!! We are certainly going hard at it today, sorting through some lovely harmonies by Evi Vine and Ashton Nyte., and a rock solid rhythm section of my beautiful wife, Tish on bass and Michael Rozon himself on drums. 

More sleeve and web work to do, as we prep as much as possible for the September 21st release date.  Considering debuting an advance ‘single’ sometime in mid-August to help build momentum.  I have this narrowed down to 2 songs that I feel best exemplifies ‘beauty AND chaos’,  also making plans for pre-release interviews and reviews... so I’m all ears for any interest here.

Well back at it as I attempt to quell the excitement, panic and impatience....

MC ⚜️


Michael Ciravolo