Another creative and inspiring week!  I can't say this enough.. watching my partner in chaos, Michael Rozon work and carve sonic space for the massive amount of tracks is awe-inspiring.  Later this year, Michael will be working with MINISTRY's Al Jorgensen and Sin Quirin on a new REV CO. album!

After tomorrow nite's mix session, we should have the 9th song basically release ready.  This track, 'Drifting Away' features Cheap Trick's ROBIN ZANDER on lead vocals.  In addition to a slamming rhythm track by Dirk Doucette (drums) and Rudy Matchinga (bass), there are some wonderful harmonies added by The Awakening's Ashton Nyte and The Riverdogs' Marc Danzeisen.  I am also very hopeful a simply world-classic bassist who's band has sold in excess of 95 million records world wide and has one of the most recognizable high tenor voices in rock n' roll will be adding his BV touches to this song!  More on that if/when it happens :)

Working more this week on the FBIC inner sleeve as well as prepping tracks for another remix that will hopefully appear on 'beauty re-envisioned' .  Also contemplating the next track will will start mixing next week.  FIVE MORE TO GO!!!

Michael Ciravolo