MONDAY Q&A 6/4/18


Q: You have mentioned recently that you are thinking about what comes next with your project.  Anything you can talk about now and any new ‘special guests’ ???

A:  I know it seems a bit premature to discuss the ‘next’ .. which is really the 3rd record in the evolution of BIC, but Michael Rozon and I are seriously already discussing at least the direction we would like to go.  ‘finding beauty in chaos’ is a big undertaking – 14 songs with 10 different singers.   ‘beauty re-envisioned ’ will probably be 8 or 9 reinterpretations and a few new versions of some of the songs from FBIC.
As far as what comes after, I think Rozon and I both keep using the word ‘sparse’, probably because FBIC is so dense with tracks to achieve what we wanted.  I know I’m getting re-intrigued with some of the early Cure stuff like ‘faith’’ and ‘pornography’, especially the drum machine feel, which I think is going to be a cornerstone of BIB-III  I for sure am going to take off my imposed limitations of me being the only guitarist and the no keyboard thing … not saying this will be a synth techo record, but I do want the options of bringing  some of my guitar player friends in, and especially utilizing Michael Rozon’s haunting pedal steel.  We have only half-jokingly talked about imposing a ‘number of tracks’ limitation on ourselves on this one … again with ‘sparse’ in mind.   As far as singers on this, both Evi Vine and Ashton Nyte are excited about continuing, as I hope will Wayne Hussey.  I am certainly going to try for a few other vocalists that could not be part of FBIC to join this time around 😊

Michael Ciravolo