Good good studio week !  Got to hear Ice-T's vocals dropped into 'Un-Natural Disaster' ... making sure the track transfer worked as he did his part at a studio in Arizona where BODY COUNT is rehearsing and recording.

With Tish and I's youngest daughter graduating today from high school, I feel a bit more self-imposed pressure to get not only this record done, but also the thoughts of what the next can be swirl thru my head.  It feels good to have 8 of the 14 tracks mixed ... so Michael and I have crossed the halfway threshold!  Pretty special to have Nicole and Sophia in the studio for a bit last night to hear the mix of 'Look Up', which their mom and I wrote.  Tish did a great job on this lush warped mix of beauty in chaos.  I think she even surprised herself.  Mr. Rozon, as what is the norm.. did a simply world-class job pulling this together.  It is a bit of a different song, and Tish is wondering 'how' it fits on this record ... but that is the beauty of BEAUTY IN CHAOS !

Now after a breath and some reflection this weekend, we will be back at it next week with a track sung by none other than Cheap Trick's Robin Zander!  That too is a bit sureal ...

"Take a breath and feel the rain, the two of us we start the chain.  Dogs and cats and kids fill out our history ..." 'LOOK UP' featuring Tish Ciravolo.


Michael Ciravolo