MONDAY MC Q&A 6/11/18


Q: I hope you do not mind this question, but you mentioned having some friends play guitar on your next Beauty In Chaos record, I wanted to ask who that may be?

A: Well, nothing is for sure, but as I start to mentally formulate things , I do have my wish list of friends that I think will be happy to lend their talents. Many had offered to play on FBIC, but understood me wanting to attempt to handle all guitars. My position here at Schecter has led me to some great friendships with guitarists well beyond my abilities. Though none of this is at all confirmed, I would think that Zakk Wylde, Syn Gates, Nick Johnston, Keith Merrow, Sin Quirin and Mark Thwaite would be part. Wayne Hussey is adding guitar to a ‘remix’ song that will appear on ‘beauty re-envisioned’ so I hope I can get him to add some guitar bits to another also. I’m sure I am missing some other friends that I will ask, but I need to get some songs going first. As the light is shining at the end of the tunnel for the completion of FBIC, I am trying to turn my attention to this. We have a family summer vaca planned, so I am piecing together a small recording rig to bring to hopefully being some of this. All very different style guitarists, but getting it all to work togheter in the BIC world is very intriguing! Hell, I will try to get Robert Smith to be part this time also… fingers crossed.

Michael Ciravolo