I met Michael during the making of The Mission album ‘Another fall from Grace’.  Michael had come over to my studio in Texas to see Wayne Hussey during the mixing processes. Michael and I got along instantly, and had many similarities in the music we love, and have been inspired by. He told me about latest project, an album from his band ‘Beauty In Chaos’
He promised to let me hear some of it when the album was closer to completion.
It turned out that Wayne was contributing to the album, along with many other great artists like Ashton Nyte and Simon Gallup from The Cure.
Michael gave me the opportunity to put my own spin on a few of the tracks for  ‘Beauty Re-Envisioned’.  I remixed some of the songs, played some new guitar parts and added some new textures. I am really happy with how they turned out.I think the record is going to be VERY well received!
Cheers, Tim

Tim Palmer is one of my favorite producers ever.  So many hours listing to his work in headphones! The textures, the space, Wayne's amazing vocal sound.  The MISSION's God's Own Medicine and Carved in Sand are among my favorite albums of all time.  Meeting him and becoming friends is a blessing... having him mix some of these songs is still surreal.  His re-mixes of 'Man of Faith' and 'The Long Goodbye', both songs I co-wrote with Wayne, will certainly be highlights of BIC's 'beauty re-envisioned' (release date Dec 2018). Tim has also generously offered to mix his take on 'Storm', a song written with The Awakening's Ashton Nyte, which Tim really liked the rough mix.  Can't wait to hear what he does with it.    Beauty Re-Envisoned is shaping up to be something really special and I am a very blessed man!   MC

Michael Ciravolo