STUDIO LOG 6/16/18

another amazing week!  Michael and I finished the mix of 'Storm' thursday nite.  I so love this song and I look at it as the real defining point that this record could and would happen.  We started this record a year ago, and the first two songs we started where a cover and an older song I had.  'Storm' was the first new song written for FBIC, and the first track I got to work with Ashton Nyte, who was introduced to me by Mark Gemini Thwaite.  It is so great to still love a song so much after a year, so we a really confident that this will be a favorite of many!  The Ashton intro has turned into a great friendship and two additional amazing songs for this record.  I sincerely look forward to more creations with Mr. Nyte on the next BIC evolution and more.  He is actually in town this week, so we got his input on the final 'Storm' mix ... over some red wine of course.  My wife and I are have a small pool side get-together tonight with a few dear friends who are also part of BIC, and Mr. Nyte has a few bottles of South African red he has promised to open!

Still beaming here over the kind words Tim Palmer had to say about working with BIC.  So love his work and blessed to call him a friend.  We sent off the tracks of 'Storm' to him as he has kindly offered to do another mix for 'beauty re-envisioned'.  I had sent him a few other rough mixes, and he really seemed to love this one. 

The BIC FaceBook and Instagram pages are growing, so for clarity of anyone new,; 'beauty re-envisioned' will be the 2nd BIC record, and will be sort of a re-mix album with treatments by not only Tim, but John Fryer of 4AD fame, Jay Gordon of Orgy, and others.  There will also be a few new versions of the songs, including a beautiful piano rendition of 'The Long Goodbye'.  Our goal is to have this record out just after the first of the year.  Now on to mix 11 this coming week, leaving us just four more!!     MC

Michael Ciravolo