MONDAY Q&A 6/18/19

Q: I have seen you perform in Gene Loves Jezebel and Human Drama many times and always enjoy. Can you tell me when and why you started to play electric guitar?

A: Well first, thank you very much for the nice words! I started playing guitar early in my teens, probably at 13, when a dear friend of mine and I started watching late night music shows like Don Kirshner ’s Rock Concert and The Midnight Special and we saw bands like Slade, Alice Cooper, T. Rex , NY Dolls and Kiss. Up until then, my life and ‘dreams’ was about playing football. Around 16, I realized that girls liked guys in bands way more than jocks ☺ That was pretty much the crossroad for me, and I quite my high school football team and got way more serious about playing in a band. Though I had the heart, I was not big or fast enough for next level football, and I had way more of a chance of being Johnny Thunders than Larry Csonka! I then started to do a lot of different crappy jobs to buy gear and afford a rehearsal room. Most of the time I feel I’ve hit a wall in both my guitar playing and my maturity level … but I wouldn’t change a thing!
And as always .. GO SAINTS !

Michael Ciravolo