MC Q&A 5-7-18


Q:  I read the words that Simon Gallup wrote about being on your album.  He is may favorite bass player and most important part of the Cure sound to me.  He mentions doing a band with you and the singer from the Mission.  Is this true?

A:  Well Mr. Gallup is certainly my favorite bassist and I feel his playing and sound are a big part of the Cure.  Regarding he and Wayne starting a project together, I think they are both sort of rekindling the idea that they have had throughout the years.  I’m sure Simon is going to have a full plate with the Cure’s 40th Anniversary and talk of a major tour and a new record.  Wayne is now on a solo ‘acoustic tour’ and is also writing a book.  As a big fan of both, I would LOVE to hear what they would create together and I do hope it happens one day.  As far as my being involved, I think Simon was just being overly kind, as I think Mr. Hussey is a brilliant guitarist and I'm not sure what I could bring to the table..  However, if I was asked to be involved in any way with these two, I would jump in a New York second!  That said, I am certainly Blessed beyond words that they are together for the first time on one my songs on the BEAUTY IN CHAOS record. ⚜️🍷⚜️

Michael Ciravolo