Semi-frustrating week only for the fact that there is a technical thing that has to be resolved with the song Michael and I was mixing last week, so #5 is not ‘officially’ in the mix column until today.  Our dear friend Ashton Nyte was out here from St. Louis this week so we decided to work on one of the 3 songs he co-wrote for the record.  We selected the album’s closing and title track, 'finding beauty in chaos’.  A blurb of the rough mix can be heard HERE.  It was great having Ashton’s input as he had provided us a wide array of fabulous harmony vocals, so it was nice to hear is vision of how he heard them sitting in the mix.   I really want to add some additional guitars to the outro of the this song; to emphasize the ‘chaos’ in this beautiful piece and to find the perfect last few moments to bring this record, the fruits of a year of Michael and I's life... to a close.  Frustration vs. creation abound.

I did get to hear the beautiful piano track that Lola Bates recorded at Capital last week.  Really excited as to where ‘the long goodbye’ (reprise) can go.  Wayne is currently on a solo tour of Europe and then South America.  He plans to sing this version when he returns.  I plan to twist Tyler Bates’ arm to see if he will lend his world-class scoring skills to this track as I really want it to be grandiose… at least that is what I hear in my head right now.  I’m looking almost as much to our follow up ‘'beauty re-envisioned’' album as I am to FBIC!  Probably going to start working on the album/CD ‘art’, this week with Tim Perry  (who also designed this stunning web site).  I gotta keep moving here …


Michael Ciravolo