STUDIO LOG 5-12-18

Very productive week!  We overcame some computer gremlins that seem to be rearing their ugly heads as we delve into some of the more CPU taxing songs, but alas I think we may just have outsmarted HAL9000.   Fingers crossed.

We have finalized the mix of 'finding beauty in chaos.  This song, co-written with Ashton Nyte, is not only the album’s ‘title’ track, but also the closing song,  I have been listening to a reference mix of it for a few months as we worked on other things, and always felt it needed to be a bit more bombastic in the outro.  We added a bit more chaos guitar on the outro, even pulling out a few old tricks from Michael Rozon and I’s Drain The Doves days.  Listening to last night’s mix I think we have captured what I wanted the last few moments of this 70+ minute journey to be.

Also worked this week compiling lyrics and the ‘who played what’ credits.  I think I also finalized the cover photo as well as the process to make my vision a reality.  (Much thanks to Greg Platzer and Johnny Indovina).  Begrudgingly, I also sat down with a calendar in an attempt to schedule out ‘mix schedule for a time roadmap for Michael and I to finish this record to meet my self-imposed release date.  I won’t tell yet… as I know this is a process we can’t or shouldn’t rush.  Rozon describes his mixing process as ‘a wrestling match between myself and myself’ :) 

We are back in SAINTinLA on Monday to start our mix of ‘Man Of Faith’, which turns out to be the first song ever that Wayne Hussey and Simpn Gallup appear on together.  I do have Tim Palmer’s ‘Preacher Man’ mix in the can that will be on “Beauty ReEnvisioned”, but this one will be ours.  Odd that we have the remix before the main mix?  Don’t know, don’t care … I love ‘em both!

Michael Ciravolo