STUDIO LOG: 5/26/18

pretty great week in the studio I must say!  We finished the mix of 'man of faith' and its is fantastic IMO.  I'm simply in awe of Michael Rozon's sonic abilities.  This track proved to be a bit more challenging than I thought .. but was certainly worth the additional mix hours.  

we are back in the studio now, even though I'm a bit phased be a few too many Barcardi n' cokes from last night's Gene Loves Jezebel show at the Canyon.  Always a blast to play with my wife on stage, and we had a lot of family and friends out including Zakk Wylde and his lovely wife.  No pressure playing guitar with Zakk iwatching :)    So with 7 songs mixed, we are officially half way there!  Starting a song called 'look up' now.  This bombastic shoe-gazer track was written with my beautiful wife, and she also sings it.   I am really liking this one ... and my Lush, Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine influences show. and Tish sounds amazing.

and this happened this week ... Ice-T did his thing on our track 'un-natural disaster'             . F*cking ICE-T!  Thats so crazy and perfect for the song.  Big thanks to my friend's Vince and Ernie. C. from BODYCOUNT for making this happen!  Hell my daughters are even impressed!  His part works so well in the brutal track, co-written with and sung by KING'S X's dUG PINNICK..  dUg's bass grooves, moves and meshes with slamming drums by THE OFFSPRING's PETE PARADA.   I've known Pete for a long time, and it is so cool to have him on this record!  

Finally, I would like to wish Wayne Hussey a very Happy Birthday today ... and it is a dream to have you part of BEAUTY IN CHAOS my friend ...

Michael Ciravolo