MONDAY MC Q&A 5-21-18

Q: I have read on a few of your posts that you are not using any synthesizers on the record, yet you mention orchestrating. Are you guys using soft-synths or a guitar synth to do?

A: I’ve probably discussed this prior, but since it is a topic near and dear , I’m happy to give it another go!  The old Queen verbiage of ‘and not synthesizers used’ was one of the self-imposed limitations I put on the making of this record. That said, it is far from a hard rock or ‘guitar’ album. Michael Rozon and I went into this record with quite a few ‘tools’ in mind to manipulate the electric guitar into orchestral sounds.. and none being a guitar synth or a soft-synth. My trusty old E-Bow and a Sustainiac-loaded Schecter Stargazer where obvious choices, and both where used extensively thru my pedal boards; loaded with various delays, reverbs and other modulation devices. Rozen is a master of the Eventide H300 harmonizer, so the sounds where further tweaked thru that. The Electro Harmoix MEL9 became a mainstay on a lot of the parts, helping morph guitar lines into mellotron-esque strings and choirs. Some of the parts I think listeners may really ‘question’ if a keyboard was used, and some of my most fav guitar moments are thru this cool little box. We also used a violin bow on a few guitar tracks, though I am surely no Jónsi (Sigur Ros)! That said, I bet he can’t hold a candle to me integrating an electric drill !!! I am beyond thrwith how this process has worked to support and add textures to what I feel are really good songs.
Maybe I’ll do a run-down at some point after the record is mixed of the pedal boards, amps and guitars we used in the making of FBIC for those interested in that stuff...


Michael Ciravolo