STUDIO LOG 5-19-18

A bit of a different Saturday as I am usually writing this from the studio, but due to my youngest daughter's prom and all of the parent duties that come with and that Michael had another session today, the BIC machine will roll forward tomorrow.  Speaking of Michael Rozon, he has started discussing working with Al Jourgensen and Sin Quirin on the next RevCo album.  If you haven't heard, check out Michael's recording, drum programming and mixing skills featured on the new MINISTRY record AmeriKKKant.  He's also working with Sin on his Three-Headed Snake project!

Well, back to BEAUTY IN CHAOS.  We have been working on the album mix of 'Man Of Faith'.  Besides Hussey's vocals/lyrics and a so-cool signature Simon bass line; dear friends Johnny Indovina (Human Drama) and Ashton Nyte (The Awakening) added back-up vocals.  Oh, and Mr. Rozon did a slamming drum track to boot!   I so love where Michael has this song is sitting right now.  He is working the many guitars around the driving bass line, and the chorus is turning into a lush wall an almost bowie-esque blend of guitars and 'ahhs'.   We plan a long mix day tomorrow and I feel we will have this one done by nightfall!  Very cool and interesting to hear how two different world-class producers approach the same song.  Tim Palmer's 'Preacher Man Mix' of MOF will appear on 'beauty re-envisioned'.  The Mission's 'God's Own Medicine' and 'Carved In Sand' are two desert island records for me, and I always loved his production.  I spent many hours listening to those records in headphones, even beyond the great songs, but to what Tim did sonically.  To hear that on a BIC song too is still a bit surreal.  He has also graciously agreed to do a mix of 'Storm' (written with Ashton Nyte) for re-envisioned.  Good things abound !!

You’re holding out your arms but I see you as a wraith
You’re holding out your arms and calling yourself a man of faith

Michael Ciravolo