MC Q&A 5/29/18

Q: First I really enjoy your studio news posts as I have my own studio and hope to do an album next year. I read that you have ICE-T singing now on your album. That seems to be a strange mix so how will you make this work out?

A: Well thank you, I am not really sure how many people read my weekly ‘studio log’. I guess I do it as much for myself .. to show my impatient self that we are making progress towards complete of the album! If you have the studio to make music… DO IT! It is certainly a creative and liberating experience. Regarding Ice-T, maybe on the surface it sounds like a bit of an odd addition, but there is a part of this record that is heavy and this track that he kindly lent his voice to is perfect for his venomous rhymes. The song, ‘Un-Natural Disaster’, which is co-written with the amazing dUg Pinnick from King’s X. dUg has such a soulful voice and his lyrics paint a picture of hope and humanity … and then BAM, Ice spits out street reality. Perfect blend of beauty AND chaos.

Michael Ciravolo