MONDAY Q&A 12/17/18

Q:  What was the hardest song you did on this album, either the production side for the video, or picking the theme, the riffs?


A:  Well, I think as far as the video concept, for me it was ‘Look Up’ , as I had Ashton Nyte’s help on ‘Storm’ and we where doing a 2-day shot with some non-performance sequences.  I certainly had a concept in mind for ‘Look Up’ and knew what visually I wanted it to look like.  Working with Vicente again certainly made it easier.  He did a great job with the ‘visual projections’ I wanted, and the Tiger Lab facility we used was perfect for this video.  It certainly helped that my wife Tish did an amazing job on her part too.  I’m very happy with the outcome.  As far as the hardest song on the album …  I would have to say ‘Memory Of Love’.  I really wanted a track to capture the spirt of ‘pre-feel’ era Human Drama.  It took some work, and I think Pando and Marc Danzeisen did a great job on the rhythm section .  I think I was hard on myself and on Johnny’s vocals as I wanted this one to be great and not come off as if it was contrived.  I think the end result was really good and it’s nice to hear some Human Drama fans say it is among their favorite on the album. 

Michael Ciravolo