BIC BLOG 12/15/18

A lot happened this week!

We debuted our 3rd video from the album, this one being our chaos-charged version of the T. Rex classic “20th Century Boy” featuring an amazing performance by MINISTRY main-man AL JOURGENSEN! I have to say the band in this one … BIC Producer MICHAEL ROZON and my beautiful wife TISH CIRAVOLO rocked it pretty hard too! This video was again shot, directed and edited by Vicente Cordero and Industrialism Films.

*** SEE ‘20th CENTURY BOY’ HERE ***

Big thanks to CVLT Nation for debuting and to all of the other magazines, blogs, friends and fans that shared it!

Remember to check out our other two videos for ‘STORM’ and ‘LOOK UP’ HERE

As you may have seen on our FaceBook and Instagram posts, Michael and I are back in the studio working on something that we think is really special and hope to include on ‘beauty re-envisioned’! We have also had the pleasure to hear several more re-mixes by Kevin Kipnis (Purr Machine), Paul Wiley (Marilyn Manson), Sounds Of Sputnik and Ummagna. This record is certainly turning out to be more massive and diverse than even I hoped !Ms.

We are happy to report that our ‘finding beauty in chaos’ Double Vinyl has traveled across the pond and now safely in the hands of Ms. Emma in our BIC-UK office and should be in route to all that have pre-ordered! Our friends at 33.3 MUSIC COLLECTIVE have hinted at a Christmas sale so please stay tuned. The Double-Vinyl, Compact Disc and Digital download can be ordered HERE!

Finally, our dear friend EVI VINE has released her debut single and video from her upcoming album ‘Black/Light/White/Dark’. Please check out the ‘SABBATH’ video HERE! This amazing video and song also features BIC member SIMON GALLUP … who is also a member of a little band that finally got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame :). Seriously, a big congratulations to Simon, Robert, Jason, Roger, Reeves and the others! MC x

Michael Ciravolo