BIC BLOG 10/27/18

To say this week in BIC world was ‘chock-filled’ is even a bit of an understatement!

We started the week with ‘Man Of Faith’ being featured as Richard Blade’s ‘New Sensation’ track on his SiriusXM First Wave. show. He gave Beauty In Chaos a fantastic introduction and even later in the show commented that his ‘switchboard and inbox’ where blowing up about the track!

Later that night, ‘Bloodless And Fragile’ was featured on USA Network’s THE PURGE! It was great to watch it with Ashton Nyte, who co-wrote the track and was in town… as the next night we performed unplugged versions of ‘Storm’, ‘Bloodless And Fragile’ and the album’s title track ‘Finding Beauty In Chaos’ at my dear friend Tyler Bates house. He graciously hosted a ‘listening party’ for the album for a host of music supervisors, Hopefully ‘Bloodless’ will be the first of many of the songs placed from FBIC! I guess this also marked the first live performance of an incarnation of BIC!

The extended on-line BIC feature from THE BIG ISSUE posted Thursday! I want to sincerely thank Ms. Vicky Carroll for her belief in BIC and for the great things The Big Issue does!

Finally, after filming a video last week for ‘Look Up’; we again enlisted director Vicente Cordero and his crew from Industrialism Films to shoot our interpretation of the T. Rex classic ‘20th Century Boy’! At the risk of repeating myself, Tish and I’s first real date was seeing MINISTRY in 1992 at Lollapalooza, so having Al Jourgensen on the album AND sharing the stage in this video with him is pretty fucking cool!

If all goes as planned, we should be debuting our ‘Look Up’ video on November 9th, with ‘20th Century Boy’ following a month later. Hopefully we will be able to do a few more before we release ‘beauty re-envisoned’ in mid March ‘19.

well… that seems to cover it all!!! I would like to finish this blog with this…. it seems that many of the songs are now available ‘free’ in various placed on the internet, etc. I would like to sincerely thank everyone that has bought FBIC (and yes.. the vinyl is coming!!), and I would like to ask everyone else that if you do like what you hear or have read about BIC to please consider buying the album in one of the 3 formats…. actually I ask that you do this with ANY artist/band you like. I think we all want our favorite artists (new or old) to be able to continue to put out new music.

MC x

Michael Ciravolo