MONDAY Q&A 10/22/18

Q:  The photos that are posted from the new video shoot look really cool and different that I expected.  Did you enjoy making this video and will there be more?


A:  Different?  HA!  Yes, the idea of the projection was mine… so I actually had to buy white clothes, which in itself is different and funny!  We all had a blast making this video, as I think ‘Look Up’ is a really great song from the album.  Tish gave an amazing performance and I think it will look fantastic in the video.  The song does have an underlying story and message that I think will be interjected.  We really enjoyed working with Vicente again on this, as I think he did an great job with ‘Storm’.  We will be working on the edits this week and should debut ‘Look Up’ on or around November 9th.   I think we captured elements of beauty AND chaos in this one.  Also, if all the stars line up; we will be shooting another video this Friday.  Details on this one, and a few other possibilities to come, as we would like to continue the momentum into the March ’19 release of ‘beauty re-envisioned’ MC x

Michael Ciravolo