MONDAY Q&A 10-29-18

Q:  You seem to be making several videos for the album.  Do you enjoy making videos ?  I also really enjoyed the ‘Storm’ video.


A:  Without BIC really being a live entity, doing videos is certainly a creative way to tie in a song visually.  Thank you for the kind words about the ‘Storm’ video.  We are really happy with it, and have chosen to continue to work with Vicente Cordero.   Our current plan is to release ‘Look Up’ in on or around November 9th, with ‘’20thCentury Boy” to follow the next month.  I think each video has a different look and feel, and am really happy with what we have shot.  I do hope to do at least one more in support of ‘finding beauty in chaos’, and then possibly one or two from ‘beauty re-envisioned’.    MC x

Michael Ciravolo