MONDAY MC Q&A 10/1/18

Q:  I just received your new album which I love so much, and I also have Human Drama’s ‘Broken Songs For Broken People’ CD which I also love.  I know you play guitar on both so how do you compare your playing on these two different records?


A:  First, thank you very much for getting our new Beauty In Chaos record and am happy you enjoy it.  As far as how my playing on these records compare, well there is a LOT more of me on FBIC!  Beyond that, I think there is certainly similarities, as we did start the BIC record while still finishing up the Human Drama record.  I was certainly trying to interject where my playing was at now into that record.  I think there are some good interesting moments on ‘Rain On Me’ and ‘A Ghost’ to name a few.  I think it is obvious that it’s the same player (probably using the same gear 😊) on ‘The Liar Inside’ and on ‘Beauty Lies Within’ even though I think the songs are quite different.

I know there are a lot more ‘textures’ and ‘soundscape’ guitar parts on ‘finding beauty in chaos’; as well as a lot more off-the-cuff aggression.  FBIC is my record and my songs, which does come with a level of creative freedom that does not always come in a ‘band’ situation.

Michael Ciravolo