BIC BLOG 9/30/18

Just an amazing feeling to have the album finally out! I sincerely thank EVERYONE involved in making this record possible!

Lots of amazing interviews with some really intelligent people that get this album and are true fans of music. I’m not so experienced in doing these , but I’m finding it is easy talking about this record and the amazing artists involved.

I know all reviews won’t be great, but I am truly blessed and amazed at the insightful fantastic reviews that have hit first.

If you have time, please check these out…






The first batch of pre-order CDs are in the mail as of Friday, and everyone should have their download. (let us know i’f you don’t). Please note the DOUBLE VINYL will not be shipping until late November. Believe, I know this sucks, but turn around time for vinyl is running 8-10 weeks compared to 7 days for compact discs. You will get a full download with CD or VINYL orders.

For our friends in the European Union countries, we should have a BIC Wales Division up an running in the next week or so allowing us to cut the shipping and delivery time in half! Details soon!!!

Please note you can order Download, CD and (Pre-Order) Vinyl HERE.

If I am not mistaken, “The Long Goodbye’ with Wayne Hussey will make its radio debut on THE ANDY COUSIN SHOW this Wednesday !

I would like to mention that my dear friend, Ashton Nyte, who has lent his talents to three tracks on FBIC, including our debut single/video ‘Storm’; will be releasing a new AWAKENING album in November. Please check this link to her their new single and pre-order the amazing record, which I have been privy to hear :)

Had a blast this week seeing Ms. Leslie Rankine (a/k/a RUBY) and Martin Atkins here in LA at Coldwave. An amazing talent and would LOVE to have here part of BIC in the future!

well back to work on ‘beauty re-envisioned’ and planning ‘look up’ video … X. MC

Michael Ciravolo