MONDAY Q&A 10/8/18

Q:  Been listening to ‘finding beauty in chaos’ a lot since it arrived.  Seriously one of the best albums I have heard in quite a while.  Many of the songs have really immense soundscape layers so I was wondering if you every considered scoring for television or motion pictures.  I can certainly hear songs from this record on the big screen,


A:  Well thank you very much for your kind words on the record.  Building the songs around layered guitars, creating textures and soundscapes… both beautiful and harsh was something we set out to do.  In also having the instrumental versions of the 14 songs mastered, i had the oppurtunity to really hear what we did .. and I do think we accomplished our goal, and hope we can begin to get songs placed.  I think a lot of the tracks do indeed evoke a mood, a feeling ; that could certainly enhance the right scene.  Within BEAUTY IN CHAOS  and outside, scoring is something that does interest me.  A dear friend of mine, Tyler Bates is, in my opinion, the best in the business so maybe he will give me some pointers!  X MC

Michael Ciravolo