'finding beauty in chaos' Deluxe Limited Edition Double-Vinyl

'finding beauty in chaos' Deluxe Limited Edition Double-Vinyl


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Almost 80 minutes of music, curated by guitarist Michael Ciravolo. This double album is pressed on heavy weight (180g), limited edition colored vinyl. Mastered for vinyl by David Cheppa.

This deluxe version is limited to only 500 albums.

14 songs featuring:

Wayne Hussey, Simon Gallup, Ashton Nyte, Robin Zander, Al Jourgensen, dUg Pinnick, Johnny Indovina, Ice T, Evi Vine, Tish Ciravolo, Betsy Martin and more …

Includes double album with gatefold jacket, full color sleeves with lyrics and a digital version of the entire album including MP3 files of all songs a digital version of the CD booklet which you can download immediately after purchase.

You will receive your Digital Download link in your order confirmation.

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"finding beauty in chaos"  Deluxe Limited Edition Colored Vinyl by Beauty in Chaos

Includes a digital download of the full album and booklet.

You will receive a link to download the MP3 files of the complete album and a digital booklet in your order confirmation email.


'Road To Rosario' ft. Michael Aston

'Storm' ft. Ashton Nyte

'Man Of Faith' ft. Wayne Hussey & Simon Gallup

20th Century Boy (Yes! the T. Rex classic) ft. Al Jourgensen

'Drifting Away' ft Robin Zander with Michael Anthony

'Memory Of Love' ft. Johnny Indovina

'Look Up' ft. Tish Ciravolo

'Un-Natural Disaster' ft. dUg Pinnick & ICE T

'The Long Goodbye' ft. Wayne Hussey

'Beauty Lies Within' ft. Johnny Indovina

'Bloodless And Fragile' ft. Ashton Nyte

'I Will Follow You' ft. Evi Vine

'Heliotrope' ft. Betsy Martin

'Finding Beauty In Chaos' ft. Ashton Nyte


Mastered for Vinyl by David Cheppa

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