MONDAY Q&A 7/8/19

Q: I really think your videos and photos look amazing! How do you achieve this?

A: Honestly, I can’t take the credit here. We are pleased with two wonderful people on our ‘team’, that not only am I grateful to work with but to also call friends. When we first started recording ‘finding beauty in chaos’, Ashton Nyte kindly introduced me to Vicente Cordero and Anabel DFlux. Both have become an integral part of the visual presentation of Beauty In Chaos. Since this is not a ‘live’ band (at least not presently), their work is very key. Vicente and his Industrialism Films team have shot all five of our videos, and will be working on the next two at the beginning of August. The lovely Ms. DFlux has shot lots of photos for us, including many cool behind-the-scenes pics and the inner sleeve photo of ‘beauty re-envisioned’. Besides being great people who are very easy to work with, each have an amazing talent for lighting and their respective craft. I am amazed at the film-like quality each manage to get from their digital cameras, which I simply love about out videos and photos. I look forward to continuing working with both of these amazing people! I would also like to mention and thank Skylar and Carlos of Tiger Lab Studios, simply great people and a top notch facility that a lot of our video footage has been shot at, We will be returning there for the next two shoot also!

Zakk Wylde tearing it up on set of ‘   Un-Natural Disaster   ’ video shoot!

Zakk Wylde tearing it up on set of ‘Un-Natural Disaster’ video shoot!

Anabel getting behind the scenes of    ‘Storm’ (acoustic)’    shoot at Tiger Lab Studios.

Anabel getting behind the scenes of ‘Storm’ (acoustic)’ shoot at Tiger Lab Studios.


Michael Ciravolo