This week included a birthday (urghhh) and some much needed family time in a cabin in the woods of Lake Arrowhead. I did have some time while the ladies where at the beach to wok on what I hope will develop into the 5th and final (did I say that?) track on the next BIC EP..

I used this rare ‘down-time’ to read Wayne Hussey’s ‘Salad Daze’. Seriously a great read, and I strongly suggest you pickup up a copy HERE.

I also had a lovely conversation with coffee in hand staring into the forest with the lovely DJ Mercury for her ‘She’s In Control’ gothic radio show on KAFI Radio in Minneapolis / St. Paul. I’ll post the show once it’s archived!

Speaking of radio show, Mark and Sarah broadcast their first Beauty In Chaos special on their ‘Songs of Preys’ show. I answered some questions and they played not only some BIC tracks from both records, but also some of my fave songs, including many by Artists that are part of the BIC family. They do have some upcoming episodes planned with Ashton Nyte, Evi Vine, Tim Palmer and Wayne Hussey, who will also talk about BIC as well as their own projects. Hear the first show HERE.!!!

Lots of planning for the next two videos (which will be filmed the first week in August) Details on these soon I promise, Also Michael Rozon will be back at it in the studio this week, pulling together the new songs.

Finally, here is a few new ‘beauty re-envisioned’ centric items now available in out March Store!


Michael Ciravolo