Q: We are curious how your songwriting process occurs.  Where does the inspiration come from and how does collaborating with other artists impact this?


A: Interesting question!  Love it.  I seem to be approaching the writing a bit different on the new BIC material.  On ‘FBIC’, I had a list of singers that had agreed to be on the record, so I set out the create music that I could hear their voice and lyrical sensibilities working with.  Not in a contrived way, but hopefully in a creative way.  I think it worked pretty well on that album.  Most of the musical elements where complete before each singer wrote their lyrics and melody, as I only added ‘splashes’ to enhance or to ‘play off’ their parts.  As for the inspiration on the new material, I am trying a bit of a different path.  The ‘spark’ is coming more from the sounds.  I am really trying to use the tools at my disposal … the effect pedals and the guitar as the ‘color’.  Not to sound overly pompous or dramatic, but put like a painter with a palate of colors.  I have purposely pulled away some of the main pedals that are prominently used on ‘FBIC’.  I didn’t want to repeat what I had become comfortable using.  Thankfully I have some great relationships with some very talented pedal builders and I am reloading my palate of paint so-to-speak.  We are also going to use (sparingly) synths on these songs.. processed through my pedals boards for some new textures.  I am also including my producer, Michael Rozon, more in the writing process.  Besides being a sonic alchemist, he has an amazing knowledge of theory.. which is pushing me to be more creative.  As on ‘FBIC’, I am trying to expand by learning different chordal voicings and tunings.  Anything to light the spark.  As I might have mentioned, the next BIC release will be sort of an EP.  No more than 4-5 songs.  I also plan to give the music tracks to the singers involved less complete, allowing their parts to guide the outcome a bit more.  Didn’t mean to ramble … hope this answers your question! MC X

Michael Ciravolo