BIC BLOG 4/13/10

Well in a perfect world I would have loved to have had ‘beauty re-envisioned’ ready to be released today, but since it grew from 15 mixes to 24, it just wasn't possible. Never-less, to celebrate something that I think is extremely important, especially to 'independent artists’ … our friends at 33.3 MUSIC COLLECTIVE have agreed to do a super sale on our ‘finding beauty in chaos’ release. If you don’t own it or own a physical copy .. PLEASE use code RSD2019 at checkout and get 33 1/3 % off (get it? :) ) the regular price. We would appreciate the support and would LOVE nothing more than to continue with physical releases!


Michael Rozon and I started a second new track this week and I am thrilled to not only be doing something new, but also with what we are creating. I am hoping to have some new BIC out before the end of the year.

As for ‘beauty re-envisioned’, we are fully on track for our June 21st release, though I am going to probably use my ‘influence’ and talk 33.3 into sending the download to all our our friends that pre-order a week earlier. We are in the process of updating our website, which will show full running order of the release, complete with short audio clips of each song! Remember, while ‘beauty re-envisioned’ will be available through the usually outlets (CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes), you will get an additional TEN mixes if you purchase it from our on-line store! PRE-ORDER it HERE and get an immediate download of (The Ghost Mix) of ‘Bloodless And Fragile featuring Ashton Nyte.

As our debut single/video ‘Un-Natural Disaster’, featuring Dug Pinnick, Zakk Wylde and Ice-T nears 13K views, if you haven’t seen it, please check it our HERE.

Finally, I wanted to share a new single from our friends UMMAGMA. Great song that you can hear HERE!



Michael Ciravolo