With most of ‘beauty re-envisioned’ mastered, and most of the art complete… I am a bit at the mercy of those graciously helping before we send off CD and vinyl to be pressed and duplicated. We should be announcing our pre-order campaign shortly, which will not only get you the album before the ‘official release’ but also ten (10) additional tracks not on the CD version. Simply enter your email HERE!

We should also be premiering the video for ‘Un-Natural Disaster’, the first single from ‘beauty re-envisioned’ within the next week of so! As a New Orleans native, this video hits close to home.

The biggest news this week to me is that Michael Rozon and I returned to SAINTinLA STUDIO and began working on new BIC material. While I had a few things that I had started to formulate, he played a great drum loop/groove that he had created so I quickly ran a bass thru my pedal board and away we went! It also marks the first a keyboard is allowed in the studio. Don’t worry, we aren’t conjuring synth-pop …. as we will certainly be torturing and manipulating just as we do guitars. I actually broke out my 12string Corsair (which I hadn’t used since ‘The Long Goodbye’) and added some catchy sonic splashes.

… stay tuned



at war with the synth

Michael Ciravolo