MONDAY Q&A 3/11/19

Q:   At one point you mentioned a ‘piano’ version of “The Long Goodbye”, which is my absolute favorite song on the album.  Is this coming out soon?


A:  Thank you, it is one of my favorite songs also.  Yes, a new recording of the track (‘Au Revoir’) will appear on ‘beauty re-envisioned’.  This is a beautiful version with a grand piano.  Wayne’s vocals on this are stunning, as is the beautiful string section.  I think this will be one of the hopefully many highlights of the album.  I am to be able to do a video with Mr. Hussey for this one, if his schedule permits.  A bit of an additional peek behind the curtain of the upcoming album … there is also a mix of ‘The Long Goodbye’ by long-time MISSION producer Tim Palmer, which is also very cool.

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Michael Ciravolo