MONDAY Q&A 9/17/18



Q:  I read that you will not be selling individual tracks like most bands do In Itunes.  As an artist myself, I am curious why?

A:  Ha!  Didn’t know if anyone even read my Blog stuff!   I’m sure my thoughts on this doesn’t apply to everyone and might not even be very popular.   It is my belief that the audience that ‘finding beauty in chaos’ will appeal to is one that has a bit of the ‘old school’ mentality of owning a physical copy.  Honestly, the idea of seeing a song that Michael Rozon, the artists involved and myself put in so many hours on selling for .99c is a bit insulting.  Hell, you can buy a shitty Taco Bell taco for that!  Its not really about the money to me as much as it is the respect for the ‘value’ of music.  This record is 14 songs, that’s almost 80 minutes of music.  I know it’s a lot for the listener to take in, and I know every song might not resonate with all.  I would still like the listener to give the full record a chance, as I do think there is a common thread that runs through it.  It just feels wrong to simply sell a single song to a Cheap Trick fan because of Robin, and they never hear the amazing Evi Vine song, etc.   Maybe this is commercial suicide, even in the limited ‘success’ a DIY record can have, but it is something I have felt strongly about from the beginning stages of this record.  If I was going to go the route that seems to be the ‘norm’, I probably would have released this as several Eps or a bunch of singles as they were completed.   Again, what I so here my not be right for you or your band.  Just attempt to know your audience and do what YOU feel is right ….

Michael Ciravolo