This studio log will be a bit more brief than usual as I’m actually on the east coast moving my oldest daughter into college.  We then move our other daughter in her Northern California University in mid-September.  Empty nest soon.  Proud and sad dad all in one.  Probably more apparent to everyone why both girls are on the cover of FBIC now.

Still a crazy busy BIC week,  As mentioned before, we filmed the video for ‘Storm’ last weekend and should see the first rough cut later today.  Please check our FB Page for the debut info, which will either be 9/7 or 9/10.

Finalized and sent off the CD art which will include a 16-page booklet with all lyrics.  Now jumping on the Album art.  Again, to be clear… ‘finding beauty in chaos’ will be available in physical version, CD and Double Vinyl!

We will have pre-order info up soon as we work to update the web site!

Got to hear a fantastic remix of ‘Storm’ by legendary producer TIM PALMER. This mix, along with two others Tim graciously did for us will appear on ‘Beauty ReEnvisioned’ , which is slated for a late March ’19 release on 33.3 Music Collective.

Finally, anyone interested in a 90-minute interview with me babbling about the album, guitars and the guitar industry can hear it here . Big thanks to Ryan at JAMMERZINE!    x MC


Michael Ciravolo