As promised, I turned over the keys today to Mr. Ashton Nyte who graciously agreed to answer not one but two questions today!  Sorry for the ones he could not answer, but we both sincerely appreciate your interest and belief in BIC!

NOTE Ashton Nyte photo from 'Storm' video shoot day-2 by the lovely Anabel DFlux.


Q:  I feel like the song ‘Storm’ has intense cinematic qualities to it.  If you were to close your eyes … what would the scene or movie look like?

A;  Thank you!  I think I always approach songwriting through a cinematic lens, to some degree. As a fan of visual stimuli, whether in the form of film, nature or the everyday aesthetics of life, I try to write words or music that does the same. In this case, Michael had already painted a beautiful musical back drop for me to develop with words and vocal melodies, which hopefully resonate with the listener on an emotional and visual level, as they do with me. “Storm” is essentially a song about seeking a light in the proverbial dark, destructive and tediously distracting world we find ourselves in. As for what I see when I close my eyes, well, some of that was captured in the video we shot this weekend - once that's out I'll try to describe the rest of it to you :-).


Q: Will we see any intimate live dates with you and BIC and, alternatively will Michael Ciravolo possibly guest appear on any forthcoming Ashton Nyte projects?

A:  This is something Michael and I are discussing at present. With the Beauty In Chaos album featuring so many different singers, conventional live performances with all involved would be logistically challenging, to say the least. As I have co-written 3 songs with Michael on this album, I would certainly be interested in singing them in a live environment in some shape or form. I am very proud of what we have created together and very blessed to be on such a musically rich and diverse album with so many wonderful artists. As for the future, yes, Michael and I plan to continue working together on a range of projects. As that lovely songstress sang, "we've only just begun"...

Michael Ciravolo