MONDAY MC Q&A 4-24-18


Q: I want to ask you how the hell do find the time to do it all? Run Schecter Guitars, family, write and create music, collaborate …. When and how do you like to unwind, or is being in the studio where you find yourself most at ease? Sorry if this is cheesy …

A: Ha! Not cheesy at all! I guess when you write it all out like that it does seem to be a bit daunting. I guess I would be lying if I said that sometimes things did not get overwhelming. I am Blessed with a wonderful family who do love to see me not only creating but also playing on stage. I have my wife involved on the BEAUTY IN CHAOS record, as she has played bass on several songs, and also co-wrote and sings a track. I think it is about finding a balance…. Which I think I do most of the time. Even though being president of Schecter probably sounds like the coolest job on the planet to many .. it is a job and it comes with its own set trials and tribulations! Not at all bitching, it is just not always roses ☺ I honestly don’t go out to much ,,, as I really enjoy being at home with my wife, daughters and our pups. That is where I get centered and recharge. I do really still love being in the studio and doing BIC is very important to me. I did set some lofty goals and limitations on myself for this .. and it is important to me for many reasons that I follow through here. Certainly lucky and blessed to have Michael Rozon with me, as he certainly allows me to sit back and push myself musically. I think I got burnt on the ‘technical’ side of making music in the past, but with MR doing the heavy lifting there it certainly has reignited my love of music. Doing this record has allowed me to work with some truly gifted artists… and several including Ashton Nyte, Evi Vine and Wayne Hussey that I hope to continue collaborations with. As for what the future holds .. I certainly look forward to seeing my amazing daughters grow as people and make a difference in the world, I look forward to doing many more live shows with my wife in GENE LOVES JEZEBEL, and I am beyond exited to see where BIC can evolve and grow!

Michael Ciravolo